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Most people over 50 ignore sites like and pay too much for their car insurance. Why? Because they come from a trusting generation and they tend to stick to the same car insurer year after year, expecting these insurers to treat them fairly. Generally speaking they don't.

Around 80% of younger drivers check a price comparison site every time they get a policy renewal invitation. As a result most of them pay far less that what would otherwise be the market rate. About 80% of drivers in the 50+ age group don't. Their premiums almost always rise every year but since the insurers hardly ever let them know what the previous year's premium was they don't notice this. Result? They pay far more than they have to; sometimes as much as double what they can get elsewhere by joining another reputable company.

Naturally, their new insurer will start to do the same thing, and from the first insurance renewal onwards premiums will rise steadily!

So; do one of two things. When your car insurance renewal arrives compare quotes on a good price comparison engine. You can then either accept one of the quotes from a decent insurer offering you a good policy at a lower price than your present insurer quoted or, if you'd still rather stay with the old company, ring them up and tell them that that you are not renewing because you have found a much cheaper premium elsewhere. You would be surprised how many insurers will offer an immediate, and sometimes substantial, price reduction.

Good luck!

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